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Honey never spoils, but it may crystallize. To bring back to liquid form, bring a pan of water to a boil, then turn off heat. Loosen lid on jar (not recommended for plastic bears) and set in the pan of water. You can also microwave at 20 to 30 second intervals till it liquefies. Don't overheat! You will destroy all the good stuff in it if overheated.

Liquid honey is great to drizzle on ice cream, pancakes, waffles, a peanut butter sandwich, pour in a cup of tea or coffee. Those in sports have been known to use it for a quick energy boost. It has also been recommended to help a cough and soothe a sore throat.
Raw Honey to most, is honey that has not been pasteurized. We do not pasteurize any of our honey so all of our honey can be consdered raw. We do however, lightly filter most of it to remove bits of wax, pollen, propolis, etc.
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Herb Infused Lavender
Herb Infused Lavender Honey in a classic 8 oz. Jar.